Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover

Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover

Instantly liquifies hard water/mineral spots and buildup on all marine surfaces, including clear vinyl enclosures and glass. Also works great on salt buildup.

1 qt. Spray Bottle

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  • Instantly allows you to wipe away hard water and mineral spots and dried salt water film build-up, from all onboard surfaces including clear vinyl enclosures and glass.
  • Breaks down and liquifies build-ups of calcium, magnesium, lime or salt - fast!
  • Extensively field tested in a variety of water conditions with excellent results.

Many freshwater lakes are mineral-rich. These minerals, when dry, end up as "spots" on the windshield or clear vinyl enclosure or as a "crust" on our hulls and outdrives and are very difficult to remove. The right chemistry is needed. This “hard water” is likely dried calcium, magnesium, lime or iron.
I keep my boat on a bay off Lake Ontario that is especially rich in calcium. This along with our field testers from MN, IN, MI, NC and FL have tested the product on all possible hard water/mineral scenarios found in our waterways here in the US and Canada. All of the testers and myself are very pleased with the ease and quickness of the removal of spots and buildup using the Boat Brite Hard Water and Minerals Remover.

If your boat is in salt water we all know that without a regular wash down of the salt buildup, a crusty opaque film will develop -especially on glass and clear vinyl enclosures. We tested the product in the waters of coastal North Carolina and even boats left unattended for over a year where the salt build-up on the glass, clear vinyl enclosures and all fiberglass surfaces was sunburned in and rock hard, we cleaned this build-up quickly and easily! GREAT STUFF!!!!

As with most cleaning products, they work better when used with water – be it on a wet surface, with a wet applicator or both. I suggest both when using the Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover… here’s why.

Have you ever sprayed a cleaning product onto a dry surface of a boat and it “streaks” the surface? This is due to the cleaning agents in the product emulsifying the surface dirt/residual while losing their battle against gravity - sliding down the surface – cleaning as they descend. If the surface is wet, the streaking is reduced as the water disperses the cleaner.

After years of using the Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover, the following are the instructions for achieving the best results… and the application method is shown in detail in the product video on the website.

1) Prepare a bucket of soapy water.

2) Use a blue “all-surface-safe” or “non-stick cookware-safe”, etc. sponge – these are available at drug and grocery stores. Scrub lightly using the soft side of the sponge for light duty buildup or the “scrubber” side of the sponge for significant buildup.

3) Wet the surface.

4) Spray product onto mineral buildup and allow it to sit on surface for a minute or two.

5) Wet your sponge with soapy water (sponge should be lightly wrung out so it is wet but not saturated and dripping water). Then spray some product onto the wet sponge. On a vertical surface immediately begin lightly scrubbing with your prepared applicator. On a flat surface (deck) pre-spray the buildup and follow with a soapy water wash-down with a deck brush.

NOTE: Be sure to rinse the decks well before cleaning to remove loose dirt but more importantly, so that the "drain channels" that run down the side of the hull are wet eliminating streaking as mentioned above.

6) After scrubbing, allow the soapy water & product to sit on the surface for a minute or two, and then rinse.

TIP: Lightly wipe the surface with the wet sponge or deck brush while simultaneously rinsing to assist in removing all the mineral buildup.

NOTE: Some mineral residual that has been on the surface for extended periods of time may need a 2nd application. I’m sorry to say but some mineral residual (iron) is very stubborn and impervious to the Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover. Please call me if you experience this.

This 18 yr. old boat went from being really sad to looking GOOD AS NEW! 

                                             BEFORE                                                                  AFTER

Thanks again. I am so grateful for your work and product!


Captain John, You shipped me a bottle of Hard Water and Mineral Deposit Remover last week. I tried the product this weekend on some older streaks on a boat I purchased used last year. It had been in a hard water environment for several years and I was afraid nothing would remove the streaks. I’m pleased to say the product performed quite well! A few ounces and a little rubbing, and my pontoon boat is streak-free!

I stopped into the marina where I purchase most of my boat products and recommended they carry Boat Brite (assuming you distribute to stores). You may hear from Devils Lake Water Sports in Manitou Beach, MI. I also must add that the handwritten note with the product sets you apart from all other internet retailers I've used.

Thanks again!
Craig Winn


I had recently ordered a bottle of your Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover and I just wanted to let you know that your product worked like a charm! I had purchased a used boat and it had this hard white thick crust all along the waterline of the hull & motor. The previous owner said he had tried everything he knew of to remove it unsuccessfully & thus I purchased the boat at a discounted price. I then tried everything I could think of, unsuccessfully, & was just about to give up & just live with it when I came across your website. I have to admit, I was quite skeptical that your product would work any better than the numerous products I had previously used. I was amazingly shocked when I applied it to the first little test spot & the white crust just came right off! Now my boat looks like new again. Thank you for an amazing product, & I will be trying some more of your products in the future.

Thanks again,
Boyd Reynolds


Captain John was not sure if the immediate 2nd order of the same product was correct and inquired before sending.... clearly our customer wanted another bottle....

"Jim, just checking that you placed this order so quickly after receiving your first bottle of Boat Brite Hard Water and Mineral Deposit Cleaner...."

"Dear Captain John, The first bottle worked so good I ordered another one. Has it shipped yet?

Jim Flower


Hey Captain John, After we spoke on the phone I followed your advice and bought the Hard Water product. I sprayed it on my boat and I couldn't believe it. The crust and spots that I got from Lake Michigan vanished and they were on there since last summer. Thanks for making such a great product and thanks for all the good info you shared with me on the phone.

Captain Richard

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Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star Effortless cleaning

Our ski boats are in and out of the river 5 nights a week, this product has made it so easy to remover the hard water spots from the river we spend a lot less time cleaning boats. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that enjoys a life on the water.

Trevor J. July 11, 2014

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Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star Amazing

We had a 14 year accumulated crust of mineral(magnesium) deposit on the hull of our lake boat from being in the water all summer. Last year I decided to try to get it off. I could only scrape it off with my fingernails. I tried 5 different products and a buffer, all to no avail. After I read the reviews of Boat Brite Hard Water and Mineral Deposit Remover I decided to give it a try. I was amazed that there was hope and the product did indeed cut through that crust and our boat looks new again.

This year, I went to work as soon as the boat was out of the water. In 4 hours, it is looking great. I am very grateful. Also, I used this on the shower, toilet and sinks in my house and am delighted with the results, shiny and new looking again. I followed up the cleaning with an application of Yacht Shine. What a great product!

Patricia C. (Enumclaw, Washington)September 18, 2013

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