Boat Brite Marine & Mold Release Wax Stripper

Boat Brite Marine & Mold Release
Wax Stripper

  • Quick Removal of All Mold Release Wax
  • The Detailers Choice for Complete removal of old imbedded wax.
  • A Richer Polished Finish is Achieved!
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The chemists of the Brite Group, manufacturers of the Captain John's Boat Brite Specialty Boat Maintenance Products, have been challenged by David Marlow of Marlow Yachts to develop an alternative to the Acetone/MEK products commonly used in our marine industry to remove mold release wax from the hulls and assorted parts of new boats.

After rigorous field testing conducted by the Brite Group's President, John Coleman and then by David Marlow, this new product is the winner!

Non-toxic, odorless and VOC-free, the Captain John's Boat Brite Marine and Mold Release Wax Stripper is a simple spray and wipe formula in a thixotropic format (able to be sprayed through a simple trigger sprayer, will remain moist for hours and will not drip, even when sprayed on the underside of the hull). The best results were enjoyed when the product was lightly agitated with a scrubee sponge, emulsifying the wax, allowing for removal with a dry terry cloth towel. A quick rinse with a wet towel will remove any residual product. Tests showed that after this quick and harsh chemical-free application the adhesion of resin-based coatings was excellent.

Additional good news is that the Captain John's Boat Brite Marine and Mold Release Wax Stripper has twice the square foot coverage and is significantly less expensive than harsh liquid chemicals.

  • Safe for your employees

  • Reduced VOC emmission fees

  • Twice the coverage for less money

Certainly this product should be a stock item in every boat builders production area.

More Good News! While the Brite Group staff tested the new wax stripper at a prominent marine paint and detailing company in SE Florida it was found that the wax stripper did a great job of de-waxing boats when being prepped for new paint and when tested by the detailing department of the same company, the manager found that when the old, imbedded into the gelcoat wax was removed in advance of a compound/wax job, the freshly detailed yacht had a much richer, deeper, swirl-free finish.

Captain John's Boat Brite Marine and Mold Release Wax Stripper comes in Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon Drums and is in stock, ready to ship.

Marine Wax Stripper Instructions

The Boat Brite Marine Wax Stripper will safely remove old, imbedded wax from the pores of your gelcoat/paint. It will also remove mold-release wax from parts created in molds that are coated with up to 15 coats of a thick wax which helps the parts to be smoothly released from their molds.

Why should I Remove the Old, Embedded Wax?

Have you ever seen the finish of a recently detailed boat at noon with the sun high in the sky? Sure you have and it often looks great – nice gloss and color. But, as the sun goes down and shines on the boat from different angles allowing the “real” finish to show – bingo, there’s the swirls and dull spots! Even on a white boat swirls will show up. Surely you’ve seen them on cars & trucks as well. And neither are attractive!

Swirls are caused by the heat of the buffing pad softening the old, imbedded wax and smearing it all over your boat. Once the wax cools, the swirls remain until they’re heated up again and smeared elsewhere. You can’t just chase a swirl off the surface – though I have seen many a detailer try – you need to remove the source, the old wax. Here's how…

The application is fast, easy and gentle on you and your boat. The result will be a “clean” finish that is wax free. It is important to wash the boat first (including any surface(s) above: decks, flybridge etc) with soapy water and rinse well. This is to remove any surface dirt/particulates that could integrate into the wax stripper and scratch the gelcoat/paint during the application.

NOTE: It is very important that both the boat surface and the air temperature are a minimum of 60 degrees - warmer is better.

Instructions: Wearing rubber gloves and safety glasses is highly recommended. Do not apply in direct sunlight - shaded areas are best. Surface should be cool. Never let stripper dry on surface. On a 30' boat apply stripper to one side of the boat first - on a larger boat either do a manageable section at a time or be sure to not allow the wax stripper applied where you started to dry or get tacky. If the stripper gets tacky refresh your initial application with more stripper to keep moist. Repeat this process on the other side.

Tools needed: (2) new auto-finish-safe carwash sponges. (2) clean buckets.

1) Shake gallon of wax stripper well. Transfer stripper to a clean bucket or paint tray. Fill another clean bucket with freshwater (warm water if available).

2) Wet the surface with freshwater. Using one of the new, large sponge (auto finish safe-found in auto supply stores), submerge into water, wring out until slightly wet. Dip "top half" of sponge into wax stripper and "wash" the boat putting light pressure on the sponge to push the wax stripper into the porosity of the gelcoat/paint. Apply a thin even coat using most/all the stripper in the sponge. When it is time to reload the applicator sponge, flip the sponge over and dip "bottom half" into the wax stripper and repeat process. Before reloading applicator sponge submerge completely in clean water and "swish" around to remove any collected wax and residual stripper. Follow this process to finish first side of boat. Prior to starting the 2nd side of the boat rinse the applicator sponge well first.

3) Allow the stripper approx. 15 mins dwell time before rinsing - not allowing to dry. To determine that the wax is soft and ready for removal, test first before rinsing. Using the "rinse" sponge, wet it and wipe a small area removing the wax stripper. The rinse water should "sheet off" vs beading. When this occurs, the wax has been softened and released from the surface and is ready to be removed. Wait a few minutes before rinsing to allow the stripping process at your finish point time to catch up.

4) Rinsing the stripper and softened wax is best done in 2 steps. Submerge rinse sponge into water (do not wring out loose water). "wash" the surface keeping sponge very wet - be sure to clean the rinse sponge often by submerging in clean water.

5) 2nd step of rinse: remove gloves and rinse hands in freshwater. Using a hose with the nozzle set at "shower", lightly rinse while rubbing your hand over the surface. You will feel the smooth wax-free surface and help remove any residual. The water will "sheet off". After rinsing first side, look to see if any beading exists - if so, lightly touch-up that area with a "wash" using additional wax stripper and rinse.

6) Repeat to complete the wax removal of the entire boat.

7) NOTE: The clean, wax-free gelcoat/paint finish will likely not have a high gloss appearance. Using a "polishing compound" (1200 grit or higher) lightly buff the gelcoat to bring up the gloss. Start with a new applicator pad and "clear" it frequently. Finish with a couple coats of boat polish and these can be applied by hand or by machine (if using a buffer use a clean/new pad and clear often. Finishing the project with a coat of our YachtShine Phenomenon is the "icing on the cake" and a periodic refresher coat of Phenomenon will keep your boat at peak appearance while protecting the gelcoat/paint as well. Please view the Ultimate Finish video on the Boat Brite website.

Questions? Call Captain John @ 585-943-6111 (cell)

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Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star don't remember the last time I was more impressed

My wife and I own a 1989 fish/ski boat in Tonopah, AZ. The boat suffered from extremely oxidized wax all over the hull of the boat, particularly the color areas. After trying every cleaner, wax remover, rubbing compound, and everything else I could think of to clean the boat I began to get extremely frustrated. My wife, sensing my frustration and unbeknownst to me, purchased some of you Marine/Mold Release Wax Remover. I witnessed a miracle. In about three hours we were able to remove all of the old wax from the boat. I could not believe how easily the old wax came off with a little soaking and a soft brush. I figured it would take me years to remove the old wax with a buffer and rubbing compound. It even removed the sticky from the old ID numbers. I don't remember the last time I was more impressed with a product. I will definetly recommend your product to anyone and everyone who has a boat.

David K. April 07, 2012

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