Yacht Shine Teak Cleaner

Successor to the
Boat Brite Teak Cleaner!
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Teak Cleaner - Yacht Shine Teak Cleaner

“Top Performer Rating by Practical Sailor” May 2010 

“A Miracle Product” Power & Motor Yacht Magazine May 2011

For All Teak Surfaces

  • 1-Stop, Ready to Use
  • Clings to Vertical Teak Surfaces
  • Ready to Use
  • Single Part
  • Acid-Free
  • All-Surface Safe
  • Bio-degradable
  • Skin Safe
  • Available in Gallon and 16oz Sprayer

16 oz. Spray Bottle

Price: $15.95
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The contemporary “green” chemistry deep cleans and brightens your teak decks and trim.

Yacht Shine Teak Cleaner will clean exhaust soot and airborne pollutants, beverage and food spills and oily lotions and sunscreen and return the teak to its natural beauty. And because there are no harsh acids in the formulation, adjacent surfaces do not require time-consuming masking or special protection.

Yacht Shine Teak Cleaner has been designed for maximum application efficiency. The ready-to-use formula has been slightly thickened and when transferred to a container suitable for your brush the product clings to the bristles eliminating messy drips.

For best results, wet decks, dip bristle brush with Teak Cleaner and scrub lightly cross-grain. Rinse the teak in a timely manner – do not let dirt-filled teak cleaner dry on wood. (brushing lightly while rinsing helps remove residual cleaner and deep-grain dirt)

Allow teak to dry thoroughly. When dry, apply YachtShine Teak Sealer to protect the wood and keep it clean longer.

Media Review for Yacht Shine Teak Cleaner

Practical Sailor: One-part Cleaners Part Deaux
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YARD Magazine: Miracle Product
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Captain John,

Wow. I bought this to clean the teak on our '67 A37. The exterior had been neglected by the PO for a number of years and the teak had that dirty, faded look. It also had some moss in places. Well, we didn't have time to do the toe rail, just the cockpit, but that was the best 10 minutes of cleaning that boat has seen. I was amazed at all the dirt that came off of it, right after we had given her a regular wash down. This product is amazing. I will recommend it to all our friends; heck, I might even start to give it as gifts to those who obviously need it! ;-) Thanks for a great product.

Jason S. September 04, 2013

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