Boat Brite Super Soap

Boat Brite Super Soap - Boat Cleaner

Powerful boat soap. Excellent for all onboard surfaces including non-skid decks, cockpit floors & swim platforms. No streak formula works great on glass & clear vinyl.

Boat Brite Super Soap is also available in a Gallon Container.

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Will Not Remove Wax or Polish
"Green" Formulation is Quickly & Completely Biodegradable

Works Great On:

  • Non-skid Decks
  • Cockpit Floors
  • Swim Platforms
  • Greasy Exhaust & Soot Residue
  • Fish & Bait Stains
  • Streak-free formula (cleans glass and clear vinyl)

Captain John's Super Soap is concentrated - 2oz. in a bucket of water will clean a 34" Express (no measuring cup? - cover the rise on the bottom of the bucket)…Green formula gives you gult-free overboard rinsing in any port. When cleaning clear vinyl enclosures first hose off to remove salt and other particulates. With a very wet applicator gently wash the clear vinyl and rinse well with freshwater. DO NOT ALLOW SOAPY WATER TO DRY ON CLEAR VINYL. Always use a clean non-abrasive applicator free of tiny particles that will scratch clear vinyl. Start with a new lambswool wash mit or a microfiber mit (after cleaning clear vinyl allow designated mit to air dry-keep seperate from other cleaning cloth).

For best protection of your clear vinyl enclosures apply Yacht Shine Phenomenon to new or freshly cleaned clear vinyl.

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Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star Works so well!

I own a yacht detailing and management company and have been looking for better quality products to use and to recommend to my customers. We found it with Captain John's Boat Brite & Yacht Shine products. Here in SE Florida our boats are regularly covered in ash from sugar cane burns, Super Soap removes it without a problem. No other regular use product has worked so well!

Erron S. April 07, 2012

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