Boat Brite Bird & Spider Droppings Stain Remover

Boat Brite Bird & Spider Droppings
Stain Remover

  • Amazing Spray & Wipe formula.
  • Quickly removes Bird & Spider dropping stains from all surfaces.
  • Works great on Vinyl Siding too!!
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Boater Tested and Boater Approved!

On new or old droppings the key ingredients work quickly to liquefy the stain. Year after year our customers continue to use the product because it works well….very well. I assure your satisfaction!

-Captain John

How to Remove Bird Stains:

    1. Hose off bird "solids" from surface.
    2. Spray onto stain, let sit for 30-60 seconds (longer if stains are from geese, ducks). Often with just a wipe of a rag the stain will be gone, however light agitation with a brush may be necessary. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. Bird & Spider Dropping Stain Remover can also be sprayed onto a cloth or paper towel for easy wipe on/ wipe off. Rinse with water.

How to Remove Spider Droppings Stains

  1. For Decks and Non-Porous Surfaces: Spray onto stain. Let sit for 30- 60 seconds. Wipe away stain with cloth or paper towel. Depending on the stain, a light agitation with a brush may be necessary. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.
  2. For Vinyl Upholstery and Porous Surfaces: Remove the spider dropping “Black Head” with a damp cloth. Spray product liberally onto small piece of layered paper towel. Place this onto stain for 30-60 seconds. Remove paper towel and wipe clean. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.

NOTE: Though we have not had any problems, if cleaning colored vinyl please test first on an inconspicuous spot for colorfastness.

Before & After

From Captain Jerry Sullivan, Riviera Yachts, Florida...
Our Detailers love the spider/bird droppings remover.  The Black Streak Remover is the new answer to cleaning white starboard steps, in addition to all it's other uses such as diesel exhaust stains and canvas run-off type black streaks.

From Lorry Aslinger, Shady Grove Harbor, Soddy Daisy, TN....
I bought Capt Johns Boat Brite and used it to clean a boat, it is amazing. Ya'll need to tell everyone how great it works on spider stains. Any boat that hasn't been cleaned in a while would be great for that product. Thanks for telling me about it.

From Pat Bendel...
As you  can see from my order, I am a huge fan of the bug, spider, bird  dropping cleaner.  This is my favorite cleaner to use not only on the  boat but our vehicles. We remain dedicated to your products.

From Pat Bendel...
Capt John, We have used your products consistently for two years and are in need of the Bird and Spider Remover. Can you confirm if West Marine or Boat US is carrying your Bird and Spider remover? Your algae and water line has worked wonders with cleaning the water line on our boat. We use the bird and bug remover on our cars with fantastic results. We are definitely loyal customers to your product line.

From SusanKeohan...
We usually spend a week or two with our Bristol 35.5 in Wellfleet, MA, notorious not only for a shallow harbor, beautiful beaches, and Wellfleet Oysters, but also the dreaded Wellfleet Cormorants.  We’ve come to rely on your Bird and Spider Dropping Remover for cleanups, and  won’t head for Wellfleet without it! We carry a full complement of Captain John products on the boat, and help keep her as beautiful as she deserves, without dumping nasty chemicals into the waters we so enjoy.

From Lou and Nancy R., A-Bay...
Hi there and thanks for making your bird & spider stain remover! We boat in the 1000 Islands and keep our 38' Sea Ray in a covered marina.  It's amazing how many black dots are on our decks, bimini and aft canvas and even on the helm upholstery. The spider dots combined with the bird plops had us seriously contemplating leaving the marina for an outdoor slip elsewhere. We saw a dock neighbor using your product (with great success) and borrowed a few squirts. Needless to say, we enjoyed the results and use it every weekend. We also have the algae stain remover and your vinyl cleaner is great too. Thanks for making good products.

From JW...
Here in NC we keep our boats in the boathouse to keep them protected from the sun. But while protecting the gelcoat from oxidation the boats get hammered by spider crap. We tried too many different products to list but we found your spider stain remover at the nearby West Marine at lake Wiley. The stuff really works well. Thanks...

From Jim & Kay Atlanta, GA...
We had just purchased your bird and spider dropping cleaner. We have a pontoon boat on a lake that we keep covered. We are always keeping it clean but we are getting what we think and were told spider droppings on the vinyl seats.We have tried everything and nothing has gotten the yellowish/green stain off till we bought your product. We used magic erasers ( my wife's fav ), black streak remover, X-14,vinyl and leather cleaner all to no avail. We appreciate your Boat Brite spider stain remover and will try your other products too.

From Dave, Palm Coast FL...
I keep my boat under a roofed boat lift on the IntraCoastal Waterway.  We have a nice, bright dusk-to-dawn fishing light that doubles as an "obstruction" light, but it draws lots of bugs (which draw lots of spiders, which draw lots of mud-daubers).  After two years of inattentiveness and trying other products that didn't work, I had myself a real mess!  This cleaner was just what the Doctor (or the Captain!) ordered.  Spray it on; wait 30-seconds; scrub a little with a toothbrush; and WOW!  Absolutely GONE, even in the non-skid tread!  Thanks, John!  I had learned to turn off the light, and to keep the spider webs knocked down, but getting rid of those spots returned to me a boat I don't mind taking guests aboard, now. 

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